Dwight Miller has been a lifetime entrepreneur in the music, tv, and computer businesses. He started his career as a computer expert in the PC business helping customers leverage computer technology into their business. Dwight stayed in the PC business for about 10 years eventually evolving into a programmer and trainer primarily in the Microsoft industry. One of the hiughlights of his career as a computer expert was he trained NASA engineers at Cape Canaveral and walked thru a space shuttle.


He then went on to start a company that produced music festivals around the world and worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including Luther Vandross Nancy Wilson McCoy Tyner, Mary J Blige, Carlos Santa and other musical greats.  He produced the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival and  BET  on JAZZ the only jazz television channel

He then returned to the technology business, becoming a trainer that helped financial advisors around the country adapt from one of their existing software systems to a new software system. Dwight has extensive knowledge in both the music industry as well as the technology industry and during the pandemic years, he taught himself blockchain technology and has written this series of books to help musicians implement that technology in the music business.


PKB Arts & Entertainment/Concert Support Services inc, Chevy Chase, MD