How to Become A Web3 Musician Course



March 19, 2024 7PM ( 8 Weeks)

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How to Make Money Making Music


Dwight Miller & Darryl Kwasi Burgee

Course Overview:

This course musicians with the knowledge & skills needed to make money making music in  Web3 music. Students will gain an understanding of blockchain, decentralized platforms, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), smart contracts, and how these concepts are revolutionizing the music industry. They will also learn how to monetize their music, engage with their audience, and build a sustainable and independent music career in the Web3 era.

Module 1: Introduction to Web3 and the Music Industry

Module 2: Blockchain Basics for Musicians

Module 3: Smart contracts and their applications in the music industry

Module 4: NFTs and Music

Module 5: Web3 Music Platforms

Module 6: Monetizing Music with Web3

Module 7: Engaging with Fans in the Web3 Era

Module 8: Legal and Copyright Considerations

Module 9: Marketing and Promotion in the Web3 World

Module 10: Creating a Sustainable Web3 Music Career

Module 11: Final Project and Showcase 

Students will apply the knowledge gained throughout the course to create a Web3 music project.


Create Fan Tracking System

Create Proof of Attendance Token

Create Music NFT on Opensea