How to Find a Music NFT on the blockchain

By Dwight Miller - May 14, 2024

Finding a music NFT on the blockchain involves searching on platforms that host and sell NFTs, such as specialized marketplaces or blockchain networks.

Here is how you can do it:

1.   Browse NFT Marketplaces: Look for NFT marketplaces that specialize in music or offer a section dedicated to music NFTs. Platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, or Foundation may have music related NFTs listed.

2.   Use Search Filters: Many NFT marketplaces allow you to filter search results based on categories or tags. Use keywords like "music" or "music NFT" to narrow down your search to music-related items.

3.   Explore Artist Profiles: Artists may have their own profiles on NFT marketplaces where they highlight and sell their music NFTs. You can explore these profiles to find music-related content.

4.   Check Blockchain Networks: If you know the specific blockchain network where the music NFT was created (e.g., Ethereum, Solana), you can use blockchain explorers to search for the NFT directly on the blockchain. You will need the NFT's contract address or the artist’s public wallet address to locate it.

5.   Follow Social Media and Forums: Artists often promote their NFT drops or auctions on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or specialized NFT forums. Keep an eye on these channels for announcementnfts about music NFT releases.

By using these methods, you can discover and explore music NFTs on the blockchain and potentially acquire them if they align with your interests or investment goals.