Smart Musicians Like Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center Live Stream Everything

By Dwight Miller - February 19, 2024

Smart artist like Wynton Marsalis & Jazz at Lincoln Center livestream everything, rehearsals, performances & interviews. If that’s not a good enough reason them here are more. Perhaps Wynton is on to something, Jazz at Lincoln Center is huge but still they livestream on Facebook.

Live video allows musicians to connect with an entirely new audience to build awareness, build their brand and sell music, show tickets & merchandise.

Read on to learn the benefits of live video streaming.


Live video is an excellent way to engage your fans with your music. If they can’t come to a show they can still experience the show and share your show with their friends live video allows you to reach your fans in a way that will feel much more personal, intimate and direct.

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the fact that the video is live means that your viewers feel like they are at the show. Secondly, the fact that they can interact via comments and that you can respond to them means that they can actually be in the show with you.


Another benefit of Facebook Live is that it feels incredibly new and exciting. That is to say, that associating yourself with live video streaming is something that will instantly make your musical brand a lot more forward thinking and ensures that your fans can see you even when they can’t come to a show.

Lack of Competition

Facebook Live is so new right now that there is hardly any competition. This is a new exciting format that people can’t wait to check out – but when they view the Facebook Live Map there’s often hardly anything there to watch.

What does this mean? It means that you can create live video and almost every time you stream, you’ll come away with brand new followers and fans, not just locally but worldwide. This makes growing your audience incredibly easy!

Build Hype

The music business is about hype. A while ago, Beyonce made millions by hyping Becky with good hair. Whether Becky is real or not, Becky helped hyper Beyonce’s music and she sold units.

A live video of your show is an event. What’s more, its an interactive event your fans can share & like the event. If you’re good at building excitement and anticipation then, you can make this into something that your audience can’t wait for and you can get them counting down the days.

Bottom line smart musicians understand the music business has changed and they need to find new ways to make a living selling music. Live streaming builds brand awareness and allows musicians to keep their fans engaged. Live streaming is just one way musicians can use inbound music marketing to create a real music business