How to Create an NFT from Posters and Playlists.

By Dwight Miller - February 15, 2024
How to Create an NFT from Posters and Playlists.

When I was producing   music festivals, we noticed that musicians were leaving song playlists on the stage. The playlist is the list of songs the band will play on that set.

We realized that these playlists may have value and we started having our crew collect the playlist, had each band member sign them, had them framed (often with a CD cover).

 We also had band members sign show posters and here's an example of a St Lucia Jazz festival posters signed by Smokey Robinson and other performers. (I also own an Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival poster signed by                                                          

The point is we realized that even in 2002 we realized that everything is content and even though playlist may be digital today there are plenty of ways to create content for NFT’s and all of your musical products.

A similar strategy is to record everything.  Create show videos, rehearsal videos, interviews with band members, pictures etc.

This is an example of how an artist could create a collectible Nft/ An artist   could for example do what we did sign all the materials for each show turn them into nft’s and sell the nft’s. They could limit the number of nft’s for example to 1,000 and tell their fans that they only have a thousand of these antiques for sale at $99 each. If they sold one hundred of them, which if they have a community list, they very well could that would be a total of $9,900. A lot more than they would earn streaming in that Nft they could include a recording of the show assigned a copy of the playbook playlist pictures from the show and a video from the show.