Reward your Fans with a POAP Proof They Were At Your Show

January 16, 2024

Folks often claim they were at the last Beyonce or Drake concert and the only proof they have is to save the ticket stub, (If they got physical tickets) but what if you could provide your fans with a token that proves they were at your show?

That proof is a token known as a social token and is called  a POAP (pronounced POOAPP) in web3 music.

What is a POAP?

POAP stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol and is a type of digital token that can be used to verify attendance at an event or participation in an activity. In the context of a web3 music business, POAPs can be used to incentivize and reward fans for engaging with your platform, attending real or virtual concerts, or participating in other community activities.

Here are several ways you could use POAPs in your web3 music business:

Virtual Concerts:

 You could use POAPs to reward attendees of your virtual concerts. Users who attend the concert could be sent  a unique POAP that verifies their attendance. This could be used to incentivize fans.

Community Challenges:

You could create community challenges or events that require users to complete certain tasks, such as listening to a certain number of songs or sharing a particular playlist. Users who complete the challenge could be given a POAP that verifies their participation.

Exclusive Access: 

POAPs could be used to provide exclusive access to certain features or content on your platform. For example, users who hold a specific POAP could be given early access to new songs or albums.

How to Use a POAP

To use POAPs in your web3 music business, you'll need to set up a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that manages the distribution and verification of POAPs. You can work with a blockchain developer or use a service like OpenSea or to create and manage your POAPs.

Once you have your POAPs set up, you can distribute them to users who participate in your events or complete certain tasks on your platform. Users can then use their POAPs to prove their attendance or participation in these activities, and you can use the data from the POAPs to reward users or provide exclusive access to certain features.

POAP’s are a valuable way to reward your fans for coming to a show, completing an activity or listening to your music.