Jazz Artist That Have Created NFT's

By Dwight Miller - October 11, 2023
Jazz Artist That Have Created NFT's

Jazz artists have also been involved in the creation and sale of NFTs. In fact, some notable jazz musicians have already sold NFTs of their music, including saxophonist Kamasi Washington, pianist Hiromi Uehara, and the jazz fusion band Snarky Puppy.

For example, Kamasi Washington released a limited edition NFT album called "Lifeforce Jazzmatazz" in May 2021, which included exclusive artwork, video content, and a digital download of the album. Hiromi Uehara also released an NFT of her piano solo performance at the Blue Note jazz club in Tokyo in April 2021.

Moreover, Snarky Puppy sold an NFT of their live album "Tell Your Friends" at a charity auction in May 2021, with the proceeds going to support musicians and music industry professionals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, NFTs are becoming an increasingly popular way for musicians, including jazz artists, to monetize and distribute their music in a new and innovative way.

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