Your Either A WEB3 Musician Or Broke (or close)

By Dwight Miller - May 15, 2023
Your Either A WEB3 Musician Or Broke (or close)

This weekend I spent a few moments talking to a musician friend. This friend is an accomplished musician and has even played in one of my shows and during our conversation I asked him “How is business?

He answered that business wasn’t good  and he had to get a part-time job. He said he was trying everything he knew, booking shows, trying to sell CDs, and occasionally interacting with fans.

He told me that since our heydays during the St Lucia Jazz Festival and other events he could depend on live shows, cd sales and merchandise  but those sales have basically dried up.

I asked him if he knew about how the music business technologies have changed and he said “barely.”

I began to explain to him that web3 could be the best thing that has happened to musicians because, for the first time, he’d be able to

  • Sell music and other products directly to fans.
  • Create multiple collectible products that can be sold to fans.
  • Provide irrefutable Proof of music  ownership
  • Ability to nurture and grow community.

He had no idea that technology has changed that much and wanted to know “How hard is the technology to learn and where could he learn what to do. I told him I’ve published a book and will be releasing a course that explains how the technology worked and would be happy to help him launch a new business as a web3 musician.

If you want a copy of the book, you can get a copy here and signup here for information about my “How to Be a Web3 Musician Intro” course here